care-pacThe Metro South Association of REALTORS® understands that sometimes it just takes an uplifting word to encourage someone’s spirits when they are going through difficulties. The Association has developed a committee called the MSAR Care PAC which is a group of volunteers who take time to send cards of encouragement, sympathy and also who spend time with members just to show how much they are valued. If you know of anyone the members of this committee can reach out to, please contact the Association office via email at with some pertinent information and someone from the committee will reach out accordingly. The Members of the Metro South Association of REALTORS® is a family that share each other’s burdens and work together to lift each other up when life can bring us down.

Be sure to include the following information when sending your email:

Your name and contact information.

The name of the person you are referring to and their contact information.

Explain the situation to the best of your ability.